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A Pure Vitamin Antioxidant Formulation

for Nasal Tissue Health

Patulous Eustachian Tube Nose Drops



The Eustachian tube is a narrow one-inch (1�) passage in the back of the nose that allows for the equal exchange of atmospheric air between the nostrils and the middle ear space on the same side.  Under normal circumstances the tube is closed. After you have been up for a period of time, the tubal tissues lose fluid by gravity and the lumen opens passively with swallowing or yawning, to equalize the air pressure. But in the patulous condition, the wide entrance may remain open and permit the free exchange of ambient air and transmission of our vocal and respiratory sounds through the nose to the ear.  It is these amplified sounds, autophony, that are especially disturbing in this disorder.  The lining of the nose and nasal passages is similar to a sponge-like membrane and swells when it absorbs the bioavailable nutrient. To produce normal closure of the lumen, sniff 2-4 drops (6 for a wide tube) of the nasal supplement solution to reach the stoma or opening of the Eustachian tube. 

PatulEND nose drops are designed to increase the edema of the membrane at the stomal entrance of the Eustachian tube to the critical closing pressure level and seal the opening.  When drops are instilled onto the nasal membrane, they are slowly absorbed upon contact with the surface.  It is important to sniff the nose drops so that they are drawn back to the opening of the Eustachian tube where they can be preferentially absorbed at the stoma.  

Because PatulEND contains essential nutrients to support tissue healing, it may take three months to rebuild the delicate tissues and to regain their tone and compliance for a long-term benefit.

The Eustachian tube response may be delayed and the degree of closure limited if you have had prior local infections, tumors, tubal surgery, radiation or trauma.

PatulEND® - Directions for Use

Your head position is critical for success!

Take the drops when you anticipate onset of symptoms, i.e.; after arising from sleep or before exercising.  Gently blow your nose to clear any mucous before taking the drops.

1. Lie back with your head between 45 to 60 degrees above horizontal.  Turn our head 45 to 60 toward the affected ear.  This places the Eustachian stoma (opening) lower than the nostril.  Gravity will allow the drops to flow to the back of the nose.  Sniffing will draw the drops further into the nasal passage to the Eustachian tube before the semi-permable membrane lining of the nasal passage can absorb them.  Or while sitting in a chair, extend your neck back at 45 and turn your head toward the affected ear to place it below the level of your nose.

2. Remove the cap of the (new delivery system) squeeze bottle with a built-in dropper tip.  To deliver the drops to the Eustachian tube, insert the dropper tip end of the squeeze bottle one-quarter inch (1/4") into the nostril (on the side of the patent tube, affected ear), which is now lowered for gravity.

3. Instill 2-4 drops in the nostril on same affected ear.  Sniff briskly to draw the drops back approximately three inches (3") to the location of the tube opening where they will be absorbed.  When the drops are delivered properly to the stoma of the tube, a brief stinging or burning sensation will confirm the delivery of the nutrient to stimulate congestion and closure of the tube.  Remain with your head back and turned to the affected side for at least twenty (20) seconds, gently sniffing, occasionally.  PatulEND may be repeated later in the day if symptoms recur and may take two weeks before changes in symptoms become apparent.

After using the supplement for several days you will be better able to identify the optimal position suitable to your nasal anatomy, for the delivery of the drops to reach the Eustachian tube.

4. Stinging in the throat means you used too many drops and/or sniffed too hard.  Use fewer drops next time.  If not successful, bring the nutrient and these instructions to your physician for assistance in the positioning.

5. If the drops do not cause a stinging or burning sensation that is felt in the ear, you may not be sniffing enough or there may be abnormal nasal anatomy (deviated septum, polyps) which impedes or diverts the delivery of the drops.  Bring the PatulEND bottle and these instructions to the physician who examined your nose and made the diagnosis.  He/she can advise you as to the best position for the drops to flow to the Eustachian Tube target.  If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your doctor to call us at his/her convenience: (805) 563-1111.


AVOID contact with eyes or external ear canal.

Keep bottle tightly closed and away from children.

How Supplied: 15 ml capped squeeze bottle, with built-in dropper tip.

Recommend: Refrigerate unopened bottles until opened for use.

Replace cap securely after each use.

Then store in a cool, dry area.  Avoid heat or direct sunlight.

As a natural product, oxidation is a normal process and may result in a clear yellow solution.  The potency is not affected.