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(1) Q: How do I know if I have a Patulous Eustachian Tube?

A: Most patients report a sensation of hearing their own voice (autophony) or their own loud breath sounds (amphoria), but their otolaryngologist observes normal ear anatomy etc. Once he or she inspects the eardrum, it is observed to move to and fro with respiratory movements. There are diagnostic tests to also identify the movement of the tympanic membrane. As a rare disease, it is often undiagnosed by even the most astute physician.

(2) Q: How can I get the supplement?

A: You may order through our website "Products" link, or call the office (805) 569-1111.

(3) Q: What is the cost of the supplement?

A: PatulEND® is $78.00 per bottle plus Shipping & Handling and tax if applicable.

(4) Q: How do I apply the PatulEND® drops?

A: If you do not sniff in when you take the drops, the drops will sit in the nose and the nasal tissue will congest, and you may have a runny nose.

If you sniff too hard, you will taste the solution and it will sting the throat, which means that it was wasted and you will use up the supplement sooner.   It is safe in any event.  Review the video and INSERT which describes the critical position, and sniffing, to hit the eustachian tube opening.   Only your examining Dr. knows your individual nasal anatomy,(deviated septum, polyps, post surgical, etc).

You want to briskly sniff in enough to deliver the drops to the back of the nose, at the entrance of the eustachian tube, and use just enough drops (1-2) to fill the small opening of the tube.  The drops will activate the membranous tissue at the eustachian tube opening to hydrate.

(5) Q: How do I know when the drops have reached the eustachian tube opening?

A: When the PET drops have reached the eustachian tube opening, the sensation is different than that of a typical nasal spray.   Because of the complex reflexes in the back of the nose, you may also experience brief tearing in the eye on the same side as the ear while both are in the lower position, below the nose.   You should experience a stinging sensation when instilling the nose drops.  This is purposeful and is necessary to stimulate the eustachian tube mechanism to close.  The stinging may last 30-60 seconds.

(6) Q: How long does it usually take to see the results?

A: These drops should relieve your symptoms with a month of continuous use. Depending on how open your tube is, it may respond right away OR take up to a month before experiencing results. Most subjects will become symptom free within a year and not require the supplement except for occasional intervals in which they have a brief recurrence of their symptoms. Because we have not examined you we cannot know how open it is.

(7) Q: What is the maximum number of times I should use the drops (or maximum number of drops) per day?

A: Every individual has a different size and configuration of the Eustachian tube opening. Some may require only 1-2 drops delivered to the Eustachian tube opening to produce adequate closure. The first time the supplement is taken, it may require more drops (3-4) until the technique is mastered and you become efficient at sniffing the supplement just back far enough to the Eustachian tube and then stopping at that point so that it is absorbed at the opening. Within two-three weeks, one is usually more proficient at administering the drops and can relieve the disturbing symptoms with 1-2 drops to produce the same effect.

The drops should be used when you anticipate the symptoms will begin: sometime after getting up in the morning or when exercising if it occurs then.  The drops can be repeated later in the day if symptoms recur.   Because it supports tissue health as an essential nutrient, it is often necessary to take it for at least three months to establish adequate tissue strength.  One can take it as long as necessary to relieve the symptoms.   It has helped over 5,000 PET patients.

We do not give medical advice, but hopefully this general information might be helpful to you.

(8) Q: Do you have figures for how often it works for patients? How long should a container of drops last?

A: If you are indeed diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube Disorder, the drops will work. There are a lot of variables with each individual and it is difficult to predict the individual's exact results. As to how long a bottle will last, it depends on if you use it daily, and if you need it for both ears. Of course, at first you may use the bottle up faster as you gain experience with the placement of the drops. After that the average is about three months from one bottle.

(9) Q: Is it important to have my head positioned correctly?

A: The position of your head is very critical to getting the drops to just the right spot.  Only then can the healing begin and symptoms sudside.

If you are having difficulty administering the drops, take the nost drops and instructions with you to your physician that made the diagnosis to show you the best angle to adminster the drops - your doctor knows your particular anatomy such as a deviated nasal septum, prior nasal surgery, trauma or allergic congestion.  In some cases, the technique and position may need to be modified to receive maximum benefit of the drops for PET.

(10) Q: Is the stinging normal?

A: You should experience a stinging sensation when instilling the nose drops.  This is purposeful and is necessary to stimulate the eusachian tube mechanism to close.  The stinging may last 30-60 seconds.

Most nasal sprays are associated with a stinging effect due to the pharmaceutical composition. PatulEND® is drug free and the supplement is intended to produce a stinging effect, and in exceptional cases, burning or pain, depending on the depth of the Eustachian Tube that the drops are able to penetrate.   The stoma or opening of the Eustachian Tube tissues are thicker and less uncomfortable when in contact with a liquid or spray.  Deeper in the Eustachian Tube, towards the middle ear, the membranes become thinner and rarely come into contact with airborne particles, etc. but gradually become more sensitive along the tube towards the middle ear.   When the drops are administered in the typical position, after being upright for several minutes, the Eustachian Tube is only slightly open, the drops are absorbed within the first few millimeters producing a stinging effect that activates the congestion of the tube by restoring the necessary nutrients and rehydrating the tissue.   If the tube is moderately wide, the solution penetrates further and the degree of stinging is more intense.   In an extremely large tube lumen, the drops may penetrate a few more millimeters, and there is an accompanying burning sensation.   In all cases, the reaction is intentional and over time, the absorbed solution will stimulate long term healing of the Eustachian Tube.   If the stinging is too uncomfortable or you cannot tolerate the depth to which the drops are going for healing, you should administer the drops shortly after you awaken and before you have been upright for awhile.   In this situation, the congestion of the Eustachian Tube that has been present while you were supine, sleeping, or lying down, it still has not been eliminated and the penetration will be to a very limited depth, with less stinging.   The positioning is critical and the amount of time after you have awakened in the morning is directly related to the slow dehydration of the Eustachian Tube with the onset of symptoms and their progression.   It is important that you be able to appreciate when the drops have hit the right spot in the Eustachian Tube and the stinging occurs.   Where the stinging is severe or intolerable, this is an indication that the tube is extremely wide and the drops are flowing deeper into the Eustachian Tube towards the middle ear tissues which are most sensitive.  If the stinging is still not tolerable when taken properly, discontinue taking the nose drops and consult with and ENT Specialist.

(11) Q: Are there any side effects?

A: As a natural, drug-free product, the Vitamin Nutrient ingredients of which are used by millions of people, there are no known side effects or any interactions with medications.   There have been no reports of tube fatigue or scarring from prolonged use.

(12) Q: What are the ingredients?

A: It is formulated from pure, pharmaceutical grade, essential nutrients and vitamins with antioxidant properties, and balanced electrolytes for absorption by the nasal membranes.   This results in tissue healing and improved membrane function.   It is a drug-free, topical supplement product manufactured without any alcohol, sugar, hormones, herbal derivatives, preservatives, artificial additives, or coloring.   Prescription is not required.

(13) Q: Why have the drops stopped working?

A: There is some evidence that the effectiveness of the drops will be diminished following temporary weight loss, use of cold medications containing decongestants, nasal sprays, antihistamines or steroids as well as amphetamines, diet control medications, anti-anxiety medications, antiepileptics.   The hormonal fluctuation of Estradiol during one's monthly cycle also has a decongestant effect on the Eustachian Tube and this may alter the typical benefit that phase of the women's monthly cycle.

(14) Q: Why did my drops color change from clear to yellow?

A: Being a natural preservative free product, the color may change to light yellow after several months unless refrigerated due to oxidation.   The color change does not indicate a decrease in the effectiveness of the solution.

(15) Q: How do I store PatulEND®?

A: Keep the drops in cool dry conditions.   Do not expose to direct sunlight or any heat source.   You may keep the drops in the refrigerator for long term storage.

(16) Q: How do I contact the Ear Foundation?

A: You can reach the Ear Foundation at (805) 569-1111. Or send a written request to:

The Ear Foundation
2420 Castillo Street, Suite 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-4346